What’s in a name?

RouteOne Wholesale Signs…
A History of the Name.

“Wholesale Signs. Yeah , I get that, but where did RouteOne come from? What does it even mean? Sounds like the name of a California highway along the pacific coast.”

Well, the idea around 18 years ago, was to use our new CNC “routing” table to cut custom parts for other signs companies.  A 6’ x 10’ cutting area with a vacuum table and liquid coolant misting system for cutting metal, was (and still is) a big investment for most sign companies. We felt there was a need in the industry for someone who could cut channel letter backs, aluminum sign faces, interior or exterior letters from plastic sheet, and more, at a wholesale level, locally. Those core products, over time were expanded to fabricating complete UL Listed signs.

The name RouteOne, taken from the term to “route out something using a tool or machine” was and still is fitting for a lot of what we produce. In today’s market, we would also like you to consider the name RouteOne to mean “your first route” to a quality, wholesale sign product.