UL Label and Why it Matters

A UL label on your sign isn’t simply a decal. It is the sum of all the components, testing and processes it takes to be worthy of consideration as a UL sign company.

Other sign shops may be capable of constructing a sign that meets some of the criteria it takes to be considered worthy of a UL label, but without passing the certification process and the continuing accountability, there is no guarantee they will always do the right thing. If it’s quicker, easier, and cheaper, they can decide which choice is best.

A sign company applying the UL Label is required to meet and maintain a higher standard such as those manufactured by RouteOne Wholesale Signs.

UL rolls out holographic labels to deter fraudulent reproduction.

So what are these standards? Here are a few of the most important, but rest assured there are many more:

  • Water exclusion test – water is poured over the sign enclosure within a specified time frame and quantity to simulate a rain incident. Moisture should not enter the enclosure and come in contact with electrical components, which may cause issues such as lighting failures and fire hazard.
  • Grounding and bonding – ground wires used within the sign enclosure are required to be properly attached (bonded) to the structure with specific fasteners that will not be disturbed during the service or removal of electrical components.
  • Material thickness – the enclosure of the structure should never be thinner than .025” thick, which is less than the thickness of 10 sheets of copy paper. You can be assured the sign enclosure is strong and durable for an exceptional lifespan.
  • Components such as LED modules, wires, lamp fixtures power supplies and others used in the manufacture of the sign must already meet UL requirements in their own manufacturing process. This assures a quality product in all aspects.
  • Inspections – most important to being considered a UL sign company, are the quarterly in-person inspections by a certified UL representative. Documentation of materials used and tests performed are reviewed, questions may be asked and issues discussed to clarify and improve the process. The online library of knowledge available at the UL website, ul.com is also a valuable tool to stay up to date on the latest changes to our industry.

RouteOne Wholesale Signs is proud to be a certified UL sign company, meeting and maintaining these higher standards.