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Don’t need a whole new sign? We’ve got you covered.


Private Labeling

What? We will produce, print and apply your company name or logo along with the UL Label to your sign at NO CHARGE. When? Starting March 1st 2019, or sooner if you send the necessary information. Who? Anyone who purchases a complete sign from RouteOne Wholesale Signs. How? Ask for and we will send a ... More

UL Label and Why it Matters

A UL label on your sign isn’t simply a decal. It is the sum of all the components, testing and processes it takes to be worthy of consideration as a UL sign company. Other sign shops may be capable of constructing a sign that meets some of the criteria it takes to be considered worthy of a UL label, but without passing the ... More

What’s in a name?

RouteOne Wholesale Signs... A History of the Name. "Wholesale Signs. Yeah , I get that, but where did RouteOne come from? What does it even mean? Sounds like the name of a California highway along the pacific coast." Well, the idea around 18 years ago, was to use our new CNC “routing” table to cut custom parts for other ... More

The Finish on your Project

Mathews Acrylic Polyurethane (MAP) is the preferred paint used by Route One Wholesale Signs. Finish colors are available in satin or gloss and come as an ultra-low VOC option. In combination with primers for steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, it makes for a great product at a decent cost. Accurate color matching, ... More

Signs and LEDs

LED. [el-ee-dee, led] noun. light-emitting diode: a semiconductor diode that emits light when conducting current and is used in electronic displays, indoor and outdoor lighting, etc.   RouteOne began incorporating LED components into signs more than 8 years ago as neon was slowly phased out and replaced with LED ... More

Helping your clients understand the danger in a “ballpark price”

Let's face it, most clients are not savvy about what is involved in manufacturing and installing a high-quality sign. So, sometimes, we have to "school" them on the particulars, when quoting the project, and it many times starts with a comment like this: Client:  "I don't have any details, I just need a ballpark quote for a ... More

Permits… How many do I need?

So, we all know sign permitting can be frustrating. There are many steps in the research process, emails and phone tag with department heads, getting applications and payments sent in, and of course, we're dealing with government agencies. Here you'll find a few hints and tips that will hopefully make your permitting process ... More